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Nano flop

So I didn’t get the 50K–Michelle did. You rock girl.

I did, however, get 10K and that was 10K more than I might have had had I not tried to Nano in 2008. It also got me to get my arse in gear and work on a synopsis for something I finished a while back. The synopsis as it was sucked, but thanks to Nano, I had the bug to produce and whamo… got it done.

Hopefully this will keep the motivation mojo satisfied and in want of more.

we shall see…….


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Do you Nano?

No, it’s not some freaky fetish or weird fruit diet. Nano or NanoWrimo stands for National Novel Writing Month. The title implies what it is. For the month of November you push yourself to sit at the computer and write a novel; get the words down until you get 5oK. Simple as that.

Don’t edit. Don’t revise. Just write.

I have participated every year since 2004. Some years I have completed the 50K word count and some I have faded away about a week into it. I can’t say that I have sold either of the ones I completed, but I did get a rough draft done, completed; it only needs to be tweaked. Where as before all I had was a blank page. And twice, the writing in such a fast paced time-frame got me “in the mood” to write and I finished something else that I did eventually sell. So it helps and works!

It’s not difficult if you pace yourself right. It’s roughly 1800 words a day, which works out to about 7 or 8 pages. That’s not that bad. Half a chapter, a scene or two. When you break it down that way, you can easily crank out a scene or two. I have even had days where I have written 25-30 pages so it is totally doable.

And the best part, it doesn’t have to be perfect it only has to be done. There is a famous (in the romance world) quote, “You can’t edit a blank page.”  So think of November as getting those pages down and then in December edit ’til your hearts content!


Join those of us up to the challenge and NANO!

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