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tell me…

With blogs, websites, MySpace, Facebook–you name it–everyone is out on the web with all their “stuff” hanging out. Good bad and REALLY ugly. If an author says something, even on a supposedly closed group-loop, it can and will get out there. Things they probably meant but didn’t intend for the world to see. And I have seen some heinous stuff, trust me on this.

My question is, do you care? Does it make a difference? Would you stop buying your fave author’s books if you learned that Author X beats her children? In light of all the politics going on now, would you drop your auto-buy because they support the other party? Or push aside the book all are raving about because she curses like a sailor and chain smokes (not that there is anything wrong with that)?

But bye-bye author, no more. Just because of them–you don’t care for them as human beings–not their writing.

I know I tend to over-think things so maybe I am putting too much stock into this. As a writer as well as a reader, I think my perspective is skewed a little anyway.  But I have been turned off completely by things I have “overheard” other authors say or do. (however, let me say I have also seen some nasty things that doesn’t seem to swerve their career one whit)

But I wanna know what YOU think.

(and mostly the Poll is a new feature and I wanted to play with it–cause y’know if you can’t play with your own poll……) 😆


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