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School has started, can you hear me cheering! Don’t get me wrong, I love my children, but there is something to be said for them being out of the house, in a confined space that you know where they are, where hopefully you don’t have to worry about them.

no see, no hear, no speak, no fun

no see, no hear, no speak, no fun

Summer break was shorter than usual, it seemed. The dh and I were only in the same state at the same time for about 1/3 of the entire summer–sounds crazy huh?!? If that’s bad, the last two weeks were uber-crazy. We got school clothes and shoes, supplies, saw a circus–and watched as much Olympics as humanly possible. The cousins from Switzerland were in town and we had kid  pics done and lunch and grandma’s house for birthday gifts (Switzerland is a LONG way to send stuff!). Then we took in a ballgame, after a soccer game during the rain. Got school schedules, and football gear as well met the teachers. And sent the dh outta town AGAIN! WHESHEW!!!!

With all this, what did I learn you ask? Oh many, many things . . . in no particular order.

~ A six-year-old WILL puke after eating 3 1/2 hot dogs (and ice cream, and drinking two water bottles) at a b-ball game regardless of how much better he “feels” when the older brothers and cousins get 2nd ice creams

~ dogs DON’T like a six-year-olds fingers up their noses

~ a pet fish, next to the dinner table WILL ruin appitites when he goes belly-up during the main course

~ speaking of pet fish, be CAREFUL which seat you pick at a wedding reception or might “WIN” the centerpiece (a bowl of goldfish)

~ don’t wait to plan talks, pitch info or emcee speeches five minutes before hand or you may blather on and see many a blank or bewildered stare in your direction

~ a potential editor WILL remember your work if you bring it up when you’re NOT supposed to

~ when sitting at a table full of authors, don’t ask how many books they have sold and hold up fingers indicating how many YOU THINK it might be. 28 is WAY more that ONE ~ GAW!

~ a nine passenger van (total, INCLUDING the driver) cannot hold 10 conference attendees, no matter how much we like each other and REALLY want to get to the hotel

~ always KNOW how you’re getting back to the hotel (for sure) before you leave or the guy kicking the rubber ducky down the street my be your traveling companion for many blocks

~ DON’T make eye contact with the big ass dudes, in the black town car sitting in the alley next to the hotel–safety first, y’know

~ if you do a face-plant on a train at a conference, people WILL remember and talk about it two years later, even if they don’t remember it was YOU ~ Wheshew

~ on the flight back home after a conference, DON’T let the man next to your read the back-cover blurb of the book in your hand if his questions begin with, “have you ever met Fabio?”

~ no matter how much sun-screen you use, you WILL get burned after a day at a Six Flags water park, so suck it up (and FORGET the pedicure)

~ when the gas reminder dings, the auto WILL only go SO long before it won’t go no more

~ when you honk at and flip someone off, make sure there are places to turn away from them over, say, THREE miles, or it can be an uncomfortable amount of, “Yeah, I’m still here.”

~ when you’re mom told you, “you’ll GET yours,” when you’re brought home for the 3rd time after TPing someone’s house… you may end up having a bunch of stinky, smelling, messy, sweet, funny, taller-than-you boys ~ life is NEVER dull!

Hope you had a fun and intersting summer too!


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