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So okay, I mention my newness to Face Book. Once or twice the dh and I have communicated through that. How very sad, I know. I guess, though, if you’re on there and you think of something you need to tell the other person why not. It saves you ten whole seconds than to pull up Outlook and e-mail them or God forbid using the phone. (and believe me, nowadays my short attention span has decreased by half so in that ten seconds there is a real chance I WILL FORGET what it was I thought of in the first place)

It did get me wondering… how many times have you texted or IMed someone in the next room?


I can’t say the dh and I have done that at opposite ends of the couch, as I have heard tell of, but definitely when we didn’t want to scream over the kids noise and whatnot from one room to the next.

I will say though, that once the boys got old enough to understand what we were spelling, talking in front of them (or about them) has become more difficult–so we improvise! The dh has tried to spell things in sign language–why he thinks he knows sign language, I don’t know–but it never works and he ends up having to say it aloud anyway.

I thought it was a little lazy, off-putting, or disconnected when e-mail replaced good old phone calls (they get short changed on many different levels) and hand written letters. Not that I am complaining. I can e-mail ’til the day is done. I have no qualms or compunctions to hit the send key. Talking on the phone as an adult is not my favorite thing to do–when I was 15, just try to pry that sucker from my hand, you’d have walked away bloody–my brother may have once or twice. Nowadays, there are a few folks I will give a pass to, but for the most part I don’t dig phone calls. And letters take time. An e-mail is as instantaneous as the other person on the opposite end–now if they are like some people I know, it may be a day or two, but e-mail junkies like me have the little dingy thing that pops up every five minutes or so  😆

Worse–or funnier, depending on your warped sense of humor–yet, is when you are talking about someone online and you disguise it as something else. The only person not clued in is (hopefully) the target. Though this may not fall quite under the “Nuh-uh lack of comminucation/are you kidding me” category, it is sorta still in there I think. Kinda gossiping but not you know, since you’re not telling tales over a cup of coffee or burning up the phone wires. (Is that like eating standing up–the calories don’t count?!?!)

If the whole mental telepathy thing ever has a major breakthrough folks may never have to have face-to-face time again!


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