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TCP 2009“Don’t worry about it, darlin’.” Large, calloused hands stilled hers as the voice sunk in.

Her gaze drifted up tight, faded denim, cupping and hugging every inch of muscular thighs to a silver belt buckle. A dark T-shirt covered flat abs with just a hint of ripple and the pecs of a well-sculpted man. She gulped. God he was so damn fine.

It was the mouth, though, that made her pulse skitter into overdrive… How many times had she fantasized about those lips? Her mouth dried as her vision filled with the crooning six-foot-two man of dreams and desires.

She dared not look him in the eyes, though she could remember the color from staring at his CD covers so many times. The chocolate brown orbs matched his thick hair to a yummy T. Almost the color of the mess she’d made all over his worn boots.


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tradingfacesweb “I need to call the police.” She spoke to Monty, who slept at the foot of her bed. He picked up his head, yawned and put his head back on his paws, his eyes following her movement around the room.

“But why didn’t Matthew? All he had to do was tell them what happened.” She looked at Monty for agreement. She took his steady gaze and lack of opposition as a sign she was right. “And why was someone after him?”

She tried to run her hands through her hair but a rubber band stopped her. She growled at the sight of herself in the mirror. Her hair sat in a crooked ponytail on top of her head. The bruise on her cheek stood out against her pale skin and the dark circles under her eyes reminded her of what a shitty day it had been so far. And in the wee hours of the morning, the next day didn’t seem to be starting off any better.

“Why? Why? Why?” she ranted.


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