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My football guy

Spare had his first football game (EVER)… he was the quarterback every 4th play, the kicker, and a safety as well as special teams—he’s also the punter but they went for it every time on 4th down so he never got to punt.



He is no longer the quarterback, because they made him pick offense or defense (they have too many kids and several didn’t get to play—even though I am pretty sure Spare was in EVERY defense play the team had) and he has too many positions on the defense. However during his Q-Bing: he ran 15 yards to the 2 yard line to set up the touchdown on the next play—that’s my boy! (he smacked the hell outta the other team twice and got his name announced over the intercom—made me tear up!)


They won 8 to 6 (they only go for 2 point conversions and don’t kick the extra point). As usual he is quite good at this sport and is UBER-enthusiastic! (“Mom, did you see me cheering when we won?”  Yes, I did, he was the only one running off the field with his arms up! C’mon boys, where’s you team spirit!)


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