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Lunch with Emmitt anyone?

Most days I really loathe my (DH) husband’s job. Without going into to much (boring ) detail, he works as rental coordinator in the broadcast industry, primarily with sports. (the cameras and crap that goes with them to broadcast an event, his company rents it, services it and runs it at times). Which means with all the sports and whatnot that run all year long he is on call ALL THE TIME 24/7 (+ if it were possible)–especially with the stupid Blackberry his work so graciously provided.

But it does have perks from time to time. Once he was booked to San Fran and we asked to rearrange his ticket for two cheaper ones and I got to go with–the hotel was the same price either way. And he does get tickets for games: I’ve been to more sporting events than I care to mention. (and the swag…oh the swag–I have more sports logoed crap, I could start my own business…LOL…But I am far too lazy)

Yesterday, though was quite cool! The DH got exclusive tickets for a Monday Night Football and ESPN luncheon. The pair have weekly (most weeks) luncheons for the Monday Night Football game’s home city team. We had lunch at Ruth’s Chris steak house along with Jerry Jones, and his family, Emmitt Smith (WOOHOO!), Darren Woodson (WOOHOO!), Marco Rivera (WOOHOO) and some other folks (yeah, no clue who most of them were). It was a superb meal, after which the afore mentioned former-players spoke about the game. It was pretty cool to hear their candid remarks on today’s players (with as much testosterone as we have in the house, despite trying not to be interested in sports, I have to stay abreast of everything–the kids were UBER-impressed). Not to mention the goodie bag after . . .

How many folks can say they had lunch with Emmitt and Jerry–no one else I know.

Of course the DH also had tickets to the game that night. I chose not to go as he could only get four–they were free so I am not complaining, but the two little boys couldn’t go–so mom got to stay home. Not surprising, Heir didn’t want to go either, so DH took Neighbor S and kid neighbor Little E and of course Spare–I think he’d have smothered his dad had he been left behind.

The game was AWESOME!


Go Cowboys!


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