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No kidding…

Go on vacation and you can learn a few things about yourself (and somehow about your characters–trust me, I can ALWAYS figure out a way to get life around to writing!)

1.  A child who can ride umpteen roller coasters can get airsick (several times!)

2. A pair of safety scissors left in a backpack from school years gone by can and WILL make it through one airport but not the other.

3. 4 kids 2 parents on vacation–SOMEone is ALWAYS in a bad mood–if you’re lucky it’s one one person at a time. (unless that one is the youngest–then there is MUCH trouble–Sheesh!)

4. When you have a cuter than cute family they will get pointed out at various different shows various times and not just once per show–who knew the McD’s were so fabulous! (well, I did of course)

5. Ankles (yes, plural) were not meant to go certain directions.

6. Yes you can pass out from pain! (let’s just mark that off my to-do list and move along)


8. Claustrophobia can hit at the MOST inconvenient moments–like RIGHT when the ride closes you in tight, moves the front to within inches of your face and YOU CAN’T GET OUT!

9. If the DH, who tends not to be cold, suggests you take a jacket, and you don’t listen, it will cost you lots of money to buy a couple of sweatshirts and blankets for the late evening fireworks show.

10. While on vacation you will still run across those folks who have NO patience for wheelchairs or crutches–lighten up folks you on damn vacation! (And I AM THE ONE WHO CAN’T FREAKING WALK–you don’t hear me complaining!)

11. Your DH is the biggest kid of them all!

12. If there is a special ESPN thingie going on at a park–avoid it at ALL cost (unless you have sports freaks in the fam, then you’re just screwed–suck it up!)

13. Once you tell a child, “No the ride’s not scary, I swear” and they get off Tower of Terror unhappy, your credibilty is a little shaken!

14. Despite any pain you incure, taking an unexpected vacation with the family is muy fun! (Can’t wait to go again– hear that honey!)

Anything that happens to you or the family can and will be fodder for your next book(s)–right kids!


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