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I have my two front teeth

(Cross posted from the Chica blog) My boys made their lists for Santa the other day (okay, yes, I have a 15, 13 and 11 yo, but I have an 8 yo too who is still enamored with the jolly fat man). I could have guessed 90% of the items on there–the boys are nothing if not predictable. But there were one or two that raised an eyebrow–the 8 yo and 15 yo putting iTouchs. (A 32 G for the 15 yo no less–shaw and reindeers might fly out my butt). I will say this was the first year they didn’t put a gaming system on there–we literally have one in every room (but mine) and 7 handhelds–most of which they paid for. Trust me, the dh would NEVER buy something if you already have one that semi-sorta works.

Anyhoo–as I was perusing Amazon yesterday and pricing the items–for Santa of course–I started thinking, why shouldn’t they put it on their list. They never know when their mom Santa will flip a gasket and actually get it. It *has* happened once or twice before, so…

Still, I like that optimism. Why not shoot for too much rather than err on the side of some.

So, I have come up with a wish list of things that I want for Christmas:

– An agent (not too much to ask, and I am looking)

– The muse to stop being a bi*atch and help out (A little trickier but w/ the right cajoling she’ll get cracking)

-A book in a brick and mortar store I walk into (mine are readily available online, but haven’t made that jump to ordered a bunch for stores yet–though they did get in libraries across the country and that’s pretty cool)

-A Kindle… the big new fangled one (it’s a work expense!)

and in no particular order: a pretty cashmere sweater–to keep me warm while I write, a new Coach bag–to carry my notebook for when ideas hit, Elle Tahari flats–as seen on Oprah–to walk my behind to the post office to mail off queries, a big gaudy silver ring–to give my finger some style as it flies across the keyboard, wireless printer–for those times when I’m not at my desk and need to print something but am too lazy to walk into the next room, chocolate, copious amounts of chocolate–’nuff said and a cabana boy–I just want one!

What would/are you going to wish for this year–and it doesn’t have to be for Christmas… Whatever you celebrate make a wish list. Heck even a shooting stat gets wishes, why not go for it…


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Merry Christmas



I hope you and yours has a very Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas Eve





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