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I *heart* analogies. I mean I REALLY do. And I use them probably way too frequently, I can’t help it. Some, I think is from the mom in me. When you tell a kiddo something and they give you that puppy dog head twist with puzzlement in their eyes, you have to get creative to explain in terms they understand.

And Whamo… it translates to the rest of my life as I am explaining why I don’t want to watch Moonlight on SciFi: “it’d be like buying a cake you knew would be bad before you could eat the WHOLE thing…y’know… just as your mouth starts watering you’re outta time for it J” makes perfect sense, no?


Not so much a stretch to me, I’ve already seen EVERY SINGLE episode and they’re not making more… but I digress…


I have come to learn that I have a damnable hard time turning off the mommy in me. (The dh can attest to this—sorry hon!) Still, ask me how to work track changes and I use words such as thingie and doohickey rather than icon. It’s not that I am talking down to folks—at least I hope it’s not perceived as such—it’s just that my mind is prepared to explain things to a 7-y-o and is pretty much stuck in that mode, until he turns eight. J


How can I write books with love and sex, murder and mystery with the mom of a 7-y-o mentality? I giggle a lot while typing (and blush a little from time to time) and remember what it was like BEFORE the little brats, er, ah, sweet dahlings came into my life (not that I have murdered anyone—lately…bwahhhh…)


As I digress a little more: That is always ever curious to me… folks always question the “how can you write sex scenes like that” but never once have I been asked how I can write about killing folks… not sure what that says about me—or them.


(and note to self… start posting writer’s tips including the explanation of track changes)


Track changes… Coming soon J





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