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So…. the other day I said I had news I wanted to share. I wanted to wait to tell my ‘Buds in person (which I did/am doing–not sure if the timestamp on this thing is accurate). And I was waiting on paperwork–which I completed Tuesday, April 7th.

I sold another book . . . . WOOHOO!!

The Cowboy Plan

The story is about a Country and Western Singer (Drew Hartford) and a Pet Photographer (Alex Barrett).  I am working on the blurb for my editor and will post that as soon as it’s ready.

I am excited about this story–not that I am not always excited about my books–every book I write I think I have a little crush on the hero. As it should be. Why would you want to read about him if I don’t have a little crush on him, right?!?!?

The E-format of  THE COWBOY PLAN will be out in August ’09–I will pass along the specificdates as I get them. And just a reminder: TRADING FACES will be out in print this summer. SECOND CHANCES will be out in print around Christmas ’09.

More info to follow ASAP!


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