Okay so that’s not quite right. It’s supposed to be, two truths and a lie. Have you ever played this game? You give three “facts” about yourself, two of which are true, the third being a lie (pretty self-explanatory by the title). I figured I would tweak this game a tad (hence being one truth) and update folks on some news about me. It’s a fun way to get the word out, yes?

Anyhoo… here we go.

1) I am pregnant with boy child #5

2) I sold a two-book deal to Harlequin

3) I got a fairy tattoo on my shoulder


Out of the three, which one do you think is the truth? Can you guess or do you hate guessing games? (who could hate guessing games, though?!?)

So what do you think? Going, going….

The truth is:

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So, okay, you probably only need one or two steps to actually waste time. Me, I seem to do things in stages. Including wasting time.

1) Have ADD. I’ve never actually been tested but as I can’t seem to finish one task before starting another, I’d guess I am a prime… shoedid you see my new shoes?  Aren’t they cute, I found them online when I was researching 2005 autos to use in my story. (how’d I get from one to the other…I don’t know) Eh-hem.. sorry…

2) Be an under-motivated over-achiever. I *want* to do so many things, want to complete every task that pops into my mind at any given moment. So naturally I make lists of what I want to do, the prioritize then reprioritize rather than actually doing it.

3) Have children. This boat may have sailed, sank and/or otherwise been missed all together so it may not apply to you, but I tell ya, the moment I get a rhythm going one or three kids will tap me on the shoulder for the most inane excuse. If it ain’t bleeding, broken (needing immediate attention) or on fire, don’t bother me boys!

4) Pick up the remote. I need background noise. Often it’s the TV. If it is, then I have to have it on something I would actually watch—simply putting it on a network I wouldn’t watch does more harm than good. I will fret about it ‘til it’s on something decent. Then when something good comes on… what was I doing?

5) Did I mention the ADD? I was actually working on a new novel. Stopped a moment to stretch my legs and whamo… blog post on ways to avoid writing started tapping itself out before I even know what I was doing.

And all this is in the course of oh, maybe an hour. I will say that the first 30 min. of the hour was spent writing. Timed writing even (I found a timer app for my computer) and I got close to 700 words done in my allotted 28 minutes—it might not seem like much, but it’s 700 more than I had when I got done looking through the app store after about 20 min. I also got up and danced to a song—made my kid cringe when I hugged him and washed a dinner pot out—ADD I tell ya. The above took over the next half hour (no lie). Imagine what I might be able to accomplish if I actually set my mind to it!  (FYI… This was written Saturday evening at ten PM. Why writing inspiration, and then distraction, hits then, I do not know…)

How was your weekend? Writing or otherwise?


Do you hear me cheering? It’s the first day of school. It’s very weird this year with only three kiddoes going to school (the oldest, the graduate, is taking *ONE* semester off—if it winds up being more, he’ll be looking for a new place to live, soon, just saying). I feel like this is the least prepared I’ve been in a very long time. I even had to run out and get a binder for the new band kid (who’s playing a bassoon by the way—he just loved the way it sounded—go figure).

Generally, I am well stocked in school supplies. I love me some school supplies, but my stash is dwindling. Going to Wal-Mart (even at nine pm) the night before school starts is crazy. Be prepared folks. Granted I was there too, but I didn’t get the email from his band teacher until mid-afternoon telling me he needed the binder. etc. (I had the rest on hand—see told ya, prepared), and that was all I bought.

I’m not going to make any predictions as to “how much I will write” now that they’re back in school. That never works out and there are other circumstances now that make that challenge more, well… challenging. (nothing too severe just some “getting under control” medical issues. I am and will be fine, but writing is one of the things that gets pushed aside—another tale for another day).

I have already made the annual back-to-school muffins. And the #3 child asked if there would be cookies after school—I always make cookies the first week back (which as I said I was unprepared this year and forgot to get the ingredients, but will later today). Though now that I think about it, that kid has marching band after school so I have a little extra time.

I am so happy school is back in session. I like having my little ducks at home, but I like it when they are tucked away for a few hours so I get some “me” time too! Hope y’all are having a good day/week too……

You know when weird things happen… At three the other morning the dog woke me barking. She’d done this several times the past week or so (**see later comment). I get up to basically tell her to shut the hell up and … I hear someone playing basketball at the neighbors.

Did I mention it was 3 AM!?!?

I, as quietly as possible, opened my front door and peered outside. There’s some blond kid-ish looking person playing basketball between my neighbor’s hoop and the one across the street. I ran and woke the hubby and he came to look. We couldn’t decide what to do. On the one hand, a kid should not be out of his house at three in the morning for any reason, but on the other… my first thought was if we talk to him he might mess with our cars (yeah, I tend to over-react as you know). The hubby (who’s clearly been with me too long) was thinking that it could be a ploy to draw someone out of the house to then rob him. (Like I said, he’s been subjected to me for too long)

We dithered so long the kid was gone. No harm no foul that we can do anything about.

The hubby headed back to bed but I was wound up tight and went to watch TV. By my third DVR’d show I was sleepy and it was just after five so I am ready to head to bed and I heard the same noise. Yep, the kid was back at it. Still thinking the nefarious thoughts, I called the non-emergency police number (which I sadly have on hand for numerous reasons) and told them about the kid. It took them fifteen minutes, but they do show up, and he’s still at it. I see them talking to the kid so I ran to my room to put on a bra incase they needed a statement from me (women understand this). By the time I got back to the door, I see the police cruiser driving off. WTF!!! Did they simply tell him to go home? It’s a kid. Out by himself. In the dark of the morning.

Well, hell.

I didn’t recognize him and was not about to go door to door to see which of my neighbors have a blond kid who may or may not have a tendency to slip out in the middle of the night. But damn that was annoying and ever so slightly anticlimactic! Now, I am wondering **if he does this often as the dog has woken me up almost every night going on a week now.

Next time, if there is a next time, I will just go yell and the little dude to get home and see what happens.

on with it

So as of 8/1/13, I was “supposed” to have the exclusive rights back to my book Ghost of a Chance. A week later and the book was still up on all the store sites, so naturally I emailed the publisher and (politely) asked WTF, to which I got a form response about how it can take x-number of days for it to be removed, etc, etc. The next day, it was gone from Amazon and Barnes and Nobel. What a relief. BUT… do you know it’s STILL (as of this morning) up on the publisher’s website…

WTF!! Sad smile

What a pain in the ass… It’s so annoying.

I haven’t really proceeded with the book, because I had a sneaky feeling something like this was going to happen. Granted, NO ONE seems to know that the book is on the site as I haven’t sold a book through their website since a month or so after the book went live. All my sales were from e-stores and the likes. So it’s not so much an issue, except that it’s still there.

I guess I am lucky though (knockwood) to date (double knockwood—yes I am *that* superstitious) this has really been the only problem I have had within the publishing world. Aside from rejections, but that is part and parcel so… you take it.

This delay is only adding to my already fragile resolve to get this book out there myself, to take that next step into the self-pub world. I will get on it. I will get the book where I need, want it to be. It’s just taking a wee bit longer that I had wanted. So… there…

I don’t really have a question this week. Just my little gripe. Add a gripe or frustration of your own if you’d like. Or you can join me in sending a little mental middle-finger salute to someone in the writing industry that is jerking you around.

Many a night, as I am going to bed, I will go over things I need to do coming up. I run checklists—I like checklists. I make mock-agendas. I get things started. Hell, if I have a blog post due in a few days, I will sometimes even (in entirety) write it out in my head. To me, it’s thorough, sharp and witty and best of all complete. The only problem, I can’t remember 95% of it the next morning. Most times, I can’t even remember the topic(s). This has also happened with scenes for books too. It totally sucks not having any recall of any of it.

Having said that, it could be that as I am falling asleep, my lists, agendas blogs or scenes may not *actually* make as much sense as it *seems* to in the moment. I think I’ve mentioned before that I have very vivid dreams and I remember quite a bit about them (much to the discomfort of my hubby—he is uber-creeped out by this because he doesn’t remember his at all). As I try to recall these pre-sandman writings, they rebuild in my head for a moment and then as I try to recreate it… *poof* … either it goes blank or it shifts and makes little to no sense.

Nights like this I wish I had an audio recorder. I always wonder if I can dictate it out—quickly enough so I don’t wake too much. I think once I’ve woken just enough the “spell” has worn off and my brains goes back into everyday-overload and that gets pushed to the far regions. I will say, I have tried jotting down notes. One time, I made somewhat cryptic notes and I thought, “There’s no way I won’t remember what I mean…” It took me nearly a month of puzzling it out before it finally dawned on me what/why I wrote down.

I bring this up now, because Sunday night, I had TWO ideas, TWO whole blog posts and as of yet, I can’t even recall the slightest germ of the idea. Does this happen to you? Do you have those just-before-sleep thinks that are brilliant and firm at the time and go away by your next waking moment? If you could remember them, would they still be just as brilliant (in other words, is it worth trying to wrack your brain to remember?) Have you done anything to help you remember? So far, I’ve had zero luck… but I will keep trying!

Summer TV has been in full swing for a couple of weeks now. Several episodes in. I am well hooked in to a few shows (The Glades, Longmire, Royal Pains, Drop Dead Diva, Rookie Blue, Copper, Covert Affairs (tho it is sorta losing interest from me)…and lest we not forget my absolute fave So You Think You Can Dance!) Burn Notice is in it’s final season so even though it’s run a little dry, I will watch it to the end! The only shows that didn’t carry over from last year are ones that the networks dropped—not me. (There was a *WHOLE LOT* more than I thought until I started typing them all out!)

Normally, with such a full DVR I try not to add new series to its exhausted storage, but when I saw the crop of new shows coming out, I couldn’t resist. This summer, I added Under the Dome, King and Maxwell and Graceland. Every now and then I pop in one from last year that I didn’t get to like Perception. I think I like them all. I can’t quite decide how I feel about them, though. So far I have watched all the recordings—I watch very few show when they *actually* come on, most I watch the next morning in the all-quiet of a sleeping household

Psych already came and went in the summer (late spring)viewing. I still like the show, but am not quite as rabid to get to the next episode (I ‘d just as soon, sit and watch ‘em all at once). Orphan Black is kind of in the same, late spring boat… Amie got me hooked on that! Cannot wait for the next season!

I will say, there’s something a little *different* about summer shows. Maybe it’s the condensed schedule so there’s less fluff, more to the point of the plot that keeps me just a little bit more interested than shows during the rest of the year. Don’t get me wrong, I still have plenty of those I watch too… but it “feels” less intense. Maybe because the seasons are just a little bit longer, you have more time to doddle watching-wise. Don’t know…

I realize most people are not a TV-junkie as I am, but what can I say—it’s my “down” time, time for my brain to just chill! What’s your summer TV schedule like? Any new shows you’ve added? Any you’ve dropped?  Any you were/are looking forward to getting in to?